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A fantastic H/D story

Title:Erised de sidere
Word Count:54K
Warnings:not epilogue-compliant, first person, present tense, bottoming from the top (and from the side, and...), rimming
Summary:Both Harry and Draco receive a mysterious letter. Will they risk following the cryptic instructions coming from a stranger? Will it change their fate or help them become what they are meant to be?

Why I loved it:This is just gorgeous storytelling so poetic. I can't believe this is the first story she has written, it is absolutley stunning. I loved the way she wrote all the characters not just Harry and Draco. Ginny was fun and such a Drarry fangirl,she was a perfect friend for Harry. I loved how Harry and Draco were always trying for some alone time and something always got in there way. I was getting frustrated along with them. LOL! The shared dreaming and sex was on fire hot hot hot!

I was captivated by this story from start to finish and could not stop reading it even though it was late at night.

The author explained what the title means....In Italian, a wish is called “desiderio”, and the word can mean “desire” as well; it comes from the Latin “de sidere”, literally meaning “from the star”. “Sidere” is the anagram of the English word “desire”. Some stars will play a role in the story. I found all these overlapping meanings too juicy not to use them.

Excerpt(optional):Ron grimaces. "Really, mate, it's fine that you don't want to date my sister, it's fine that you're into blokes, but you are thinking about the Ferret too much for your own good, if you ask me."

"Shush, Ronnikins, let him be!" Ginny chastises him, coming to my rescue.

After the war, she confessed that she briefly dated Dean while I was Horcrux-hunting, and since that didn't hurt me at all, we both agreed that we mistook brotherly love for something more. If her family was disappointed that we didn't get back together, nobody said a word to me about that. They were really supportive when I started doubting I'd ever be interested in having a girlfriend, and a nice Floo chat with Charlie helped me a lot in understanding why. Then there was the drinking party in Gryffindor common room last month... Apparently, Firewhisky has the same effects on me as Veritaserum. I only had a sip of it: Ginny asked me if I fancied something, and I blurted out that I've been attracted to Malfoy for ages, realizing too late that she was waving her hand towards the food table. I'm still convinced it was only the alcohol talking, but she thinks I'm in denial and has been very protective of me ever since.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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