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A very lovely H/D story

As your reccer I decided it was time to post a 8th year fic....

Title:Spring, After Long Winter’s Growth
Word Count:9,400
Warnings:Angst, present tense, Hogwarts “eighth year”
Summary:Draco wants to live a real life after the war, and at Hogwarts, he finds two ways of doing it. When those ways begin to pull on him, however, he will have to make a choice.

Why I loved it:This story was amazingly lovely and so well written. She just posted it yesterday and I read it then instantly fell in love with everthing about it. This fic needs to be recced here and you NEED to read this story. Draco was lonely and alone in the beginning and he broke my heart...At the ROR he thinks ....I need something to show me that it’s worth it. That it goes on. He progresses as the story goes on and meets up with Harry after the war, were he learns to find himself and share what he has with someone else. A touching and sweet one shot that makes you feel all kinds of emotions with Draco. This is a lush character study on two men that need each other desperatly. They learn that they can have what they need out of life. The ending is all things perfect and lovely and I won't give anything away. Just read it and enjoy it, it will make you happy you did.

In his first week back at Hogwarts, Draco ends up in front of the Room of Hidden Things, pacing feverishly back and forth, thinking, I need something to show me that it’s worth it. That it goes on.

Coming back to Hogwarts with ideals about the real and the ordinary was all well and good, but he didn’t count on how hard it would be. People staring at him and sneering at him—in his own House, too. Everyone seems to have forgotten that he wasn’t the only Marked Death Eater in the school last year, and for doing lots worse things than Draco ever did, Snape is now hailed as a hero. People who cowered and snitched to the Death Eaters last year now parade around with their heads up, and Draco, because of his recognizable name and face, receives far worse than they do.

Hexes that cut his textbooks apart. Teachers staring at him stonily in the classroom and refusing to admit that he performed the spell correctly. When Draco came back to the dorm this afternoon and found all his Potions vials smashed, with everyone sniggering and no one admitting, he fled to the Room of Hidden Things.

He heard someone discussing last year how the Room could actually change its nature depending on what you needed to find. Draco never got a chance to use it last year, because he never got the time alone. But this time, he has as much as he wants of it, given the way people move away from him in the library and part around him in the corridors as though he’s walking in the middle of a polecat’s stink.

Give me somewhere that can remind me to breathe.

And then the door appears, a plain wooden door banded with iron, a simple thing. Draco runs forwards and opens it.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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