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A funny and cute H/D

Okay I have recced infidelity and werewolf sexiness now is time for something a little different, more on the funny side.....

Title:How Auror Potter Finally Solved the Most Important Mystery of His Career
Word Count:10,000
Warnings:None I can think of
Summary:Harry is NOT in a romantic relationship with Draco; no matter what everyone else seems to believe

Why I loved it:This fic made me laugh or grin all the way through. Harry was the meaning of oblivious or adoreably clueless. It was written well without being ridiculous or to over the top. Pansy was perfect in this story and the perfect friend for Draco. She is always willing to speak her mind and tell things like they are to people. I along with Ron just shook my head at Harry some times.(Even Ron got how things were before Harry *yikes*)

And I loved Draco to pieces, he was lovely and all things perfect. He had the most perfect owl mug, I want one just like it I'm sure. :)

If you are looking for a sweet,wonderful,fluffy and funny story, here it is look no further. :)))))

Turn off your damn alarm!

Harry blinked and the grey sky transformed into the white ceiling of his own bedroom. He sighed in relief until he realised he was still freezing. Looking down over his goose-pimpled arms and chest, he saw nothing but his tartan pyjama bottoms between him and the spring morning air. Late spring, yes, but still bloody cold. Where the fuck was the duvet?

He cast an accusing glare to his side where Draco was cocooned in the duvet with his head buried in a pillow. Bastard! 'Give me those.' He pulled at the dark blue fabric and Draco flailed his arm in protest.

'No! I'm comfortable.' He sounded sulky and tired. 'Go make us tea.'

Harry glared as Draco burrowed deeper into the bedding. 'Fine. Git.' He stood up and threw on a t-shirt and slippers.

'The owl mug,' Draco called after him, as if Harry didn't know that Draco liked the bigger mug on weekends.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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