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You must read this H/D fic :)

I reced this at H/D storyroom and had to post this here as well. Read it if you haven't.... it is perfect and the ending is perfect it makes me squeeeeeeee :)

I am your reccer for the wonderful month of September and I am starting things off with a infidelity fic *gasps*...But if you know me at all, then you know the ending is happily ever after. :)

Title:A Dream of Waking
Word Count:16,000
Warnings:angst, infidelity, mpreg
Summary:"You always were contrary. Had I known you’d jump into an engagement with the first person you spoke to after our little tête-à-tête, I might have been gentler with my persuasion."

Why I loved it:Draco is a delightful,charming,brash and oh so bored Slytherin in this story. I usually shy away from infidelity, but was so glad that I didn't with this one. It was harsh and realistic and so well written. It was absorbing and made me feel so many great feels when reading this captivating story. Draco was also scared and flawed very human with what he was going through.

Pansy was so well written and the perfect friend for Draco. She was so snarky and brilliant and she even deserved her own warning label.

Harry was strong,compassionate and you could feel how much he loved and adored Draco. He was strong when he needed to be and just brilliantly written. I also adored the setting of the story being in India that was interesting and not usually done.

Excerpt(optional):Draco Malfoy leaned back into the comfortable embrace of a well-upholstered chair and swung one leg lazily over the other. The sounds of quiet music and falling water lulled him into a state of relaxation in spite of his continued impatient glances toward the lacquered wooden door of Pansy’s favorite London spa. She was late, not that this surprised him. Pansy had always been terminally incapable of being anywhere on time "It’s called fashionably late, darling, you should try it sometime." But he’d been waiting over half an hour, which was pushing it even for her.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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