lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Moveing and movie news!

Mr.lijahlover and I went to the movies and watched Get Smart and The Happening. We really liked Get Smart that movie *rocks* it's so funny and even worth going to see it twice. The Happening was good and I love Mark Wahlberg I did expect it to be better though it had some good acting and scenes in it but I probably wouldn't but it and I'll definitely buy Get Smart. Last week for the summer movie's my daughter and I went to see Over The Hedge again it's pretty funny we enjoy that movie and I'm not sure what we will pick this week.

All day long we went to look at houses and we are thinking we will be able to move this summer in our own house finally *g* That's wonderful news. I love my mom and dad but we need to find our own place and move out we all liked this one house the best and It's in Lenexa 15 minutes away from were we live now and 3 minutes away for Mr.lijahlover to drive to work.

I hope everyone has a great week. XOXOXX

Tags: lijahlover, movies and moving

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