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It took awhile but I managed to catch up on my friends page and I'm so glad I did.

I told you about the Royals game I was going to on Sunday and they started playing bad but turned it around in the last half and won 11 to 10 so it turned into a good game. The boys and Mr.lijahlover and I enjoyed ourselves our daughter was bored very quickly.

My muse has been silent for a few days and I always get concerned when this happens but it always comes back to me.

It's so late here I need to go to bed soon my daughter and I are going to see one of our summer movies this week and she needs to pick which one to see. We have already seen both of them so I don't care which one we watch.

Also thanks so much to mon_ami_runa for the wonderful gift fic It's scorching hot and I loved it. *Big Hugs*

I had to post some hot pictures for you guys to drool over of coarse. *g* XOXOXXX

These are all a very young and gorgeous James Dean :)




James Saying-photobucket

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