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A beautiful H/D/S fic

I have my last fic as this month's reccer and it is a deliciouly amazing and steamy H/D/S fic. It has been a fun month for me and I hope you all have enjoyed February as well. This was written at hp_3somes. fest :)

Title:Control Means Letting Go
Author:Anonymous as of right now.
Word Count:7,300
Warnings:None, Maybe some light angst.
Summary:Being together for years doesn't mean one of you won't feel blue, but at least you have a Dom and a fellow sub to build you back up.

Why I loved it:I have so much love for this stunningly written story, the way the story flowed beautifully together. All the characters are perfect and you can feel how much in love they all are and that it works for them. Everyone has something vital to give to the relationship. Severus loves them both deeply, but yet would have a hard time expressing himself. Draco was a little fragile and needed reasurance but that made him so huggable and loveable. And to quote Severus,The emotional glue that held them all together. Harry was an Auror and was filled with courage and determination. (He looked sexy in his uniform as well) *rawr*

The way she wrote them made it seem like you were in the room with them... as they expearenced life and love and the highs and lows of your days and nights. And OMG the sex was *delicious* and *hawt hawt hawt* I do so loooooooove it when Severus gets all dominating and demanding with that voice of his *swoons*

Excerpt(optional):"Like the lilies in the field, I toil not and I work not, Severus. I don't give back anything!" Draco said suddenly. He went still in Severus' embrace.

"You give a damn sight more than you know, Draco."

Draco and Severus turned around. Harry stood in the doorway, dressed in his Auror's robes. He strode into the room as if he owned it until he was barely a foot from Draco. He flicked his eyes over Draco's shoulder toward Severus, but his whole body seemed to be focused on Draco when those remarkable eyes gazed into his.

"You said I don't remember how cruel you were, right?" Harry's hand came up and he poked Draco's chest. "I remember the ferrety little snot that made my school life hell, Malfoy. And I remember the bastard that went out of his way to belittle me because of something I had nothing to do with." Harry stepped close enough that the shiny brass buttons of his uniform were pressed into Draco's skin through his robe. "And I remember the men that saved my life at great cost to themselves. I remember the two men who came for me when Ron and Hermione were wounded. And, Draco," Harry breathed against Draco's lips, "I remember the men who fought tooth and nail to give me a life outside of everyone's expectations. I remember you, Draco..." Harry kissed Draco, deeply.
Tags: harry/draco/severus, rec

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