lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Another must read H/D story

Title:To the Victor go the Spoils
Word Count:6,000
Summary:Harry is celebrating...and by celebrating we mean drinking. As a result, when his teammates deliver a treat meant to entice him, Harry doesn’t even see it coming. The question is, will he back down, or will he rise to the occasion?

Why I loved it:This was one of the stories written for this last years 2012 hp_sexstars"> fest and I looooooooved it. The way she wrote Harry was amazingly perfect. He is concerned and very confident in his own skin. He doesn't try and do what he usually does and fix everything immediately.

Draco is reluctantly vulnerable and he made my heart ache for him.

This fic had the perfect blend of flangst,fluff and hotness with the sex scene. The ending made me happy and :))))))))) I am a sucker for these kind of rent boy fics. These two are perfection together and they will always manage to figure it out. I don't think I can give anything away by that, cause you all should know I only rec happily ever after type stories. :)
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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