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A Zombie Harry/Draco must read :)

Waves hello again from this month's reccer. :)))))

Title:Dead Man's Party
Author:vlorahpand writcraft
Word Count:7,700
Warnings:Zombies, some fluffiness, some strange dreams and perhaps a little bit of crack!
Summary:Draco discovers some old artefacts in Malfoy Manor and decides to exhibit them at the Halloween party he and Harry are hosting. But Malfoy Manor is full of Dark things and in unearthing old antiques, Harry and Draco unleash the ghosts of the past.

Why I loved it:I do so love it when stories have Draco and Harry in an established realationship and make it so much fun. I loved their whitty banter and how much you could tell they cared for each other. This has Zombies in it and love,romance,costumes and humor. It is such a fantastic story that has everything in it. Also Snape was in this story and he was perfectly Snape. The way they wrote him was spot on in all his sarcastic glory.

Honestly this is one sweet must read Zombie story just perfect for Februray :)))))))

:Draco shook his head with a smile and dropped his bags as he stepped into the room and his eyes raked over Harry’s body. Clearly he wasn’t with Harry for the sake of politics. He wasn’t sure he would ever explain to anyone why he had decided to give his heart away to a reckless and colour blind Gryffindor with terrible hair, who was almost insufferably good. He wouldn’t explain it to anyone but Harry, at least.

He often told Harry, usually when the lights were out and Harry couldn’t see the heat Draco would feel rising in his cheeks. He didn’t have to explain it too often, though. It wasn’t as if Harry didn’t know, no matter how often Draco tried to pretend he couldn’t care less if Harry loved him back or not.

“Thinking about your costume for tonight, Potter? I suggest your Auror robes, you know how I like those.”

"I was a rubbish Auror, you know that. I only kept the outfit because you clearly like it so much.” Harry grinned and turned to face Draco.

Harry had started out as people assumed he would after Hogwarts, training to be part of the Auror corps with Weasley, Finnegan and others. After a couple of years of fighting insurgents in far off locations, Harry had come home. Now he worked in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office and, although Draco thought it was utterly pointless, it worked for Harry. Plus it kept him safe and meant he could be home with Draco in the evenings, which was a good thing in Draco’s view although he would never admit it.

“Yes, well. I might have a bit of a thing for a man in uniform.” Draco leered and then moved a little closer to Harry.
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