lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

2 beautiful H/D art recs to enjoy.

I have decided to re post this lovely,sexy artwork, so if you want to drool over them again feel free.

Warnings:Nothing really except both are shirtless.
Additional Notes:Muti-paneled

Sometimes when I see your face, I think of what might have been.

Why I loved it:The way she draws their faces is just out of this world, amazing hardly covers it. The detail she uses is exquisite and they both look very intense and brilliant. The colors she used are subtle yet gorgeous, I can't express all of my thoughts to well because she blows my mind.

She seems to know what I looooooove so much about them and draws them. Harry is smoking and Draco has scars all over his chest. They both have so much raw sex appeal it takes your breath away. I think all 4 panels she had drawn was perfection and I would have loved so many more. I am an optimist, so I think this artwork is a glimps into what will be in the future for them. :)


I realized I meant to rec this art from hd_holidays it's the sexiest thing I have ever seen it's so gorgeously drawn it takes your breath away. I gasped out loud at it's perfection,detail the beauty of this and oh the look in Draco's eyes in his scene is unbelievable. Everyone should see this brilliant masterpiece.

It's NC-17 for graphic oral sex but it's just stunningly perfect. The title is Electrical Storm

Warnings:Graphic Nudity

I meant to rec this art a few months ago and just now went searching it out to find it and post it for others to drool over it like I did and still do. The colors she used flowed so beautifully *g*
Tags: art rec, harry/draco

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