lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

My 3rd thank you post....:)

I need to send out more thank you's for my lovely flist...

I want to thank icicle33for the lovely card and the AMC gift card for me and Mr.lijahlover to go to the movies with....I cant wait to use it hun *hugs close*

Thank you jade_bagginsthe_gubetteverangel for the card and the cute Frodo pin....That is my very first Frodo pin and I love it. *hugs*

Thank you heyurssummershobbitninjamidget66starrose17primula_baggins

I now have so many cards I can't fit them all on my wall and I feel very loved by you all, I love you guys as well. :))))))

Tags: squeeeeeee, thank you

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