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Christmas Eve: Viggo/Orli

Christmas Eve


Warnings: Christmas fluff

This never happened!

Betaed by the sweet mews1945

Viggo walks in the door late one night, exhausted. He quietly puts his bags down on the floor, next to the door.

Viggo lovingly gazes the sleeping figure of his lover Orlando, on the couch, realizing that Orli must have fallen asleep waiting up for him to come home. His love for Orli wells up at the sight of Orlando sleeping. How he got so lucky that Orlando loves him back is a mystery to him.

It was love at first sight when they met on the set of the LOTR movies. They were both instantly smitten with each other. Viggo felt as if Orli had knocked him flat with his beauty.

It's now been two years of living together and the fire between them burns hotter than ever before.

It's cool in the room and the tree lights are on. Viggo walks over to it and places a small ring box he bought for Orli under the tree. He turns off the tree light, plunging the room into darkness.

He picks up his sleeping lover gently, off the couch and carries him to bed.

He gets ready for bed and spoons up behind Orli.Kissing him softly as he falls asleep.

Part Two

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