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Harry/Draco drabble

Title:Care to join me?
Fandom/Pairing:Harry Potter:Harry/Draco
Challenge: #31 Open/Free Write using chart and prompt Garden
Team: Fire
Rating/Warning:G and no warnings at all
Summary/Notes: Sometimes Draco's husband is baffling. :)

Draco walked in their vast, beautiful garden, he admired the well formed roses that burst with white and red. He paused, "Harry, you know we have house elves that will work in our garden, there is no need for you to get filthy."

Harry looked over his shoulder and smirked,"Last night you seemed to like me being filthy."

Draco blushed and retorted,"I wanted more dirty talk, not actual filth."

Harry grinned as he started to crawl toward his husband,"Care to join me?"

Draco stepped back, "Not on your life."

Harry grabbed Draco's wrist and pulled.
Tags: harry/draco

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