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Draco/Harry Part Two

20 Years Together Part Two
Warnings:Rimming, cussing and yummy sex
betaed by mae_linda

This is for those who wanted more I hope you enjoy this...

They Apparate in their shadowy bedroom with the soft glow of moonlight illuminating the room. Harry spells their clothes off as Draco mouth ravages his and presses him backward onto the bed. Harry pulls Draco down on top of him as their hands caress every inch of skin they can reach. Draco pulls up to look at Harry's gorgeous face and whisper “I want you Harry, all that dancing has made me need you so bad"

Harry softly says, “God, me too. I thought we'd never get out of there."

Draco's silver eyes darken making him almost look feral. His lips press to Harry's again for a deep, drugging kiss, his tongue slowly thrusting then almost withdrawing to tease him. His hands start to caress every inch of Harry's chest pausing to play with his nipples, causing Harry to gasp and writhe under him. Harry lifts his hands and curls them into Draco's pale hair as Draco angels his head to suck on Harry's throat. Draco swirls his tongue over the side of his neck causing Harry to gasp and buck his hips up into Draco's. Draco's mouth starts to lick and suck on the sensitive part were Harry's neck meets his shoulder. He can feel Harry shudder with pleasure as he does this. Draco looks up and tenderly removes Harry's glasses and sets them on their nightstand. Draco's hand slowly works its way down Harry's still slim, lithe body he wraps his hand around Harry's hard cock and moves his hand up and down his length, driving Harry nearly insane with desire for his lover. Draco kisses his was down Harry's body licking and sucking every inch of skin. Draco runs his tongue inside each inner thigh and then continues to tease him by running his tongue over his balls.

"Oh God! Please suck me” Harry begs Draco.

"I love your taste babe, you taste fucking brilliant" Draco says as he runs his tongue slowly up Harry's hard length and swirls his tongue around the sensitive head. He holds Harry's hips down to keep him from thrusting up into his mouth. He quickly relaxes his throat and starts deep throating him.

Harry gasps and moans as he reaches behind him to grip the headboard with both hands. His body trembles as Draco continues to suck him.

Draco pulls away and nips each of Harry's sensitive inner thighs with his teeth. Draco's manages to growl out “Turn over" as he gently helps Harry flip over. Draco starts to run his tongue over the back of Harry's thighs. "Mmm Draco" moans Harry as Draco opens up his arse and runs his tongue over his tight sensitive opening he presses his mouth over him as his tongue firmly presses inside he starts to devour him with his tongue and mouth. Harry starts to shake and scream "Merlin, Draco!" as his back bows and his knees move up under his body so he can press back on Draco's wicked tongue. Draco moves away and presses two fingers deep inside and curls them around until he finds Harry's prostate and starts to run his fingers over it to make Harry see stars. Draco is so hard he is almost in pain himself. He feels the pre-come building and whispers a lubrication spell.

"Fuck! Draco take me! I need you inside me, so bad baby!"

"So bad” Draco echoes as he slowly removes his fingers and slides inside feeling his inner muscles tighten around him. Harry gasps into the pillow and moans. Draco presses a kiss to Harry's shoulder blades and his spine pausing to lick the super sensitive back of his neck.

"Move now please" Harry begs mindlessly. Draco starts to move his hips he almost pulls all the way out and then slams back inside causing Harry to babble incoherently. Draco starts to snap his hips faster and faster, slamming into him. Harry reaches the headboard grabs it again to push back on each thrust. He removes one hand to stroke his cock as Draco's thrusts cause the bed to shake and creak with the force of their love making. "You're so gorgeous, so sexy" growls Draco. "Mine"

"Yes, yes, yes I'm yours" agrees Harry. Harry gasps as Draco's thrusts pick up more force almost slamming his head into the headboard. ."Merlin, I'm going to come" Harry screams as he comes over the sheets.

Draco feels Harry's inner muscles tighten around him harder than ever and he feels his orgasm rip through him. He collapses forward to land beside Harry so he won’t crush him. Finally, Draco whispers a cleaning spell and reaches to take Harry in his arms. "Happy 20th anniversary baby" whispers Draco. "I love you."

"Happy anniversary I love you more every day" smiles Harry as he leans in to kiss Draco again.

Part One

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