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A massive(and belated) thank you post!

I keep meaning to take the time and thank those that have written me something. It looks like I have had to go back into 2010 OMG!

Some of these I had forgotten about what with rl stuff and then new grandbaby but I will like to express my extremely late thanks now.

This first one is sexy and steamy it is mind blowing. triomakesmehot Wrote Control In this H/D both fight to be in control and there is parselsmut with a begging Draco and take charge Harry. They fight and shag brilliantly. A shout out to enchanted_jae you may want to read this if you haven't, it is up your alley :)))))

This one is so cute and silly I asked enchanted_jae for more of her fluffy Vampire Verse Chew Toy. And it's so darn cute and adorable it puts you in a good mood when reading this, if you wern't already. Harry punctures one of his teething rings *g*

This was written by hpfangirl71 I wanted H/D with Champange. She wrote a sweet little drabble for me called Surprise and I enjoyed it so much.

This was written for me and posted on my wishlist by salivia_baker and inspired by Pippins's Oath from ROTK called Oath. Also itsonlyburning wrote me a poem called Public Displays Of Affection.

Also this was written for me and I asked for H/D romantic carriage ride, proposal, hot sex" alafaye wrote me this nice drabble for the Holidays called The Stocking Stuffer

My good friend jae also wrote this Domlijah for me "All I want," sighed Dom,is Elijah under my
Christmas tree this year." She was kind to write me a few words of my RPS otp :)

My great friend bleedforyou1 wrote this for me, In order to get away from the frigid London winter, Harry and Draco go on holiday... I wanted the boys to get away from the cold and into the heat, it's called We Make Our Own Heat Do they have loads of fun on their getaway????

My good friend bleedforyou1wrote this lovely romantic drabble for me last year on my birthday Slow and Sweet

Ages ago I asked my wonderful friend moit to write me a *yummy* fic were Elijah looses a bet(about the HP films) to Dom and dresses as a woman. This is such sexy fun and Elijah would make one hot looking woman. He is pretty enough to fry your brain unlike some men that are to masculane to pull it off. This should be read and it's called Date Night

moit also wrote this song fic for me cause I begged someone to and she kindly did. This is called Paralyzer The song *rocks* and so does this ficlet. Well I'm not paralyzed, But I seem to be struck by you, I wanna make you move, Because you’re standing still.

OMG I just ran across this *yumminess* enchanted_jae wrote me the most delicious ficlet(for my b-day in 2010) called Home Turf Advantage"> It has top Draco and rimming also Harry grabs onto the spindles of the headboard. *rawr*

I almost forgot about this sexy drabble written by alaana_fair untitled really but she called it Guh and yes it is just GUH! It is Charlie/Draco..."See," Charlie continued in that sultry, hypnotic tone of his, "you just have to know how to handle them so they don't get skittish." He brushed his hands lightly along Draco's exposed arms, making Draco shiver. Charlie leaned forward, his breath ghosting across Draco's ear. "You have to know how to touch them. How to coax them into the right position. How to make them think they want to do what you ask of them." *whimpers*

Well this is it for now I will continue looking for more goodies I may have saved the link to then forgot about. :))))))))))
Tags: charlie/draco, dom/lijah, harry/draco, poems, thank you

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