lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah goodness

Title:Elijah's taste
Rating:R for language they both cuse a lot :)
Warnings:Boys playing with chocolate and turining each other on, badly.
Word Count:100
A/N:Written forfffc challenge with the prompt Chocolate.
Disclaimer:I cannot say they did this, but I wish they had. :)

Written for herumtreiber He said Elijah should feed Dom the chocolate... with his tongue and I agree with him. :)

Elijah pressed his body to Dom, the melted chocolate drizzled down his lips and chin.

Dom quickly leaned over and started to lick the chocolate off of Elijah's mouth, the taste was intoxicating and distinctly Elijah. He moved down to Elijah's chin as he devoured the sweet chocolate, he could taste Elijah's salty skin underneath. "Fuck...damn you taste so good" he growled.

Elijah leaned back and whimpered,"Fuck...I'm so hard for you Dom, suck me." Elijah pressed Dom's hand downward to his rigid cock.

Dom started to slowly stroke his hand over the hard bulge in Elijah's jeans.
Tags: dom/lijah

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