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Happy Birthday harrysexmagick *hugs*

Meditate In My Direction
Warnings:There is kissing between to sexy men ;)
This is a B-day fic for harrysexmagick who wanted a Harry Potter/Grease crossover fic were the Slytherin's win a match. Harry asks Hermione for a favor to help him get Draco. They also speak the words to "You're The One That I Want" I can end it anyway I want to...I hope you like this fic hun!
betaed by the magnificent mon_ami_runa *smooches*

Harry is in the stands and the crowds are making a deafening noise, as the commentator announces that Slytherin won with 260-30 with Draco Malfoy catching the Snitch.

Hermione turns to Harry and frowns to see him pout “What's wrong? Draco's won, aren't you happy?"

Harry sighs “No I'm not but I think I might know how I could be, would you help me Hermione?

"Sure" she says just before they Apparate to Hogsmeade.

Later Draco walks in Hogsmeade wearing a pair of tight faded blue jeans a tee shirt and a Gryffindor robe.

“What's this, are you desertin us?" Crabbe and Goyle ask as they run up to him.

“No, of coarse not, you guys are important to me but Harry is more important” causing Crabbe to hit Goyle who hits Draco on the shoulder.

Malfoy looks up as Fred and George come in, flanking Harry who is wearing poured on black leather pants over the knee black and red dragon hide boots and a red silk shirt open down the front.

"Harry" Draco says and is amused when he notices Harry look at Hermione who points her finger at her throat. Then Harry points his wand at Draco's throat and says tell "me about it Stud".

“Show time” Draco thinks as he throws off the Gryffindor robe and puts on his Slytherin robe and then walks over to Harry until they meet in the middle of the room.

Draco begins the showy seduction with "I got chills their mutiplyin, and I'm losin control, cause the power your supplyin its electrifyin."

Harry makes good on his word to not let him face this alone "You better shape up, cause I need a wizard and my heart is set on you. You better shape up you better understand to my heart I must be true."

"Nothin left, nothing left for me too do."

Harry looks slyly at Draco and purrs "If you’re filled with affection, you’re too shy to convey, meditate in my direction feel your way." Harry slides his hands over his skin tight jeans as he says this, causing Draco to lick his lips as his eyes roam over his slim, lithe, sexy body.

"I better shape up, cause you need a wizard." Draco is quite sure of his shape so he circles Harry closely to prove it.

"I need a wizard who can keep me satisfied." Harry teases, knowing full well Draco can and will satisfy him.

"I better shape up if I got to prove." Oh yes, Draco will prove, and soon, he thinks smugly.

"You better prove that my faith is justified." Lowered lashes flirt with the anticipatory leer on his love’s face.

"Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure down deep inside." Oh yes, deep baby.

Draco reaches out his hand and tenderly caresses Harry's cheek as they press their lips together in a tender, loving kiss their tongues swirl around and around each others, their bodies press in tight, and their hands explore each others backs, slowly.

Hermione yells "It's about time you two did this." causing the room to laugh and clap their hands at the two kissing wizards.

Draco pulls back from Harry and says "Let’s go somewhere more private to talk."

Harry kisses Draco softly pressing their lips together as their lips and tongues taste each other he reluctantly pulls back to whisper "Brilliant idea love" as they Apparate to the room Draco's booked in Hogsmeade.


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