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Orlijah month Part Two: Prompt Song fic!

Dirty Dancing Part Two
Prompt # 18 Song fic Closer by Nine Inch Nails...
Summary:This is what happens after they left all the grinding and dancing at a ;)
Warnings:Wall Sex, language and rimming...
betaed by the always wonderful and stunning mews1945

Orlando drags Elijah into his bedroom slamming the door in his haste to get inside. "God Elijah, I have to taste you" he rasps as he crushes his mouth to Elijah's in an almost brutal kiss, their tongues twining together. He presses Elijah into the door and works feverishly to tear Elijah's clothes off his body, then rapidly removes his own. He lays a trail of kisses down Elijah's throat, chest and stomach.

Elijah moans and grips Orli's hair and pushes him down to his knees. "That song worked me up at the club, I want to feel you from the inside" he gasps out.

"Mm-mmm" Orli moans "I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to get you closer to God." He flips Elijah around and starts to kiss his lower back, and pauses to admire Elijah's perfect ass as he spreads him open and runs his tongue over Elijah's tight hot opening and slowly works his way inside, rimming, devouring him with his tongue pressing in as deep as he can.

Elijah moans and presses back on Orli's clever, wicked tongue. Elijah starts to whimper and begs," Fuck me please Orli ." I need to feel you inside me." Elijah shivers as Orli's tongue continues to press deep inside his body.

Orli starts to work his fingers inside wiggling them around until he finds Elijah's prostate and starts to hit it with each stoke of his fingers, causing Elijah to gasp and quiver. Orli reluctantly pulls away growling,"You taste as good as you look" pressing a kiss to the back of Elijah's shoulder blades he stands all the way up and he presses his cock to Elijah's opening and asks,"Can you take me now?"

Elijah pants out "Fuck yes take me now I'm ready."

Orli shoves inside his tight body and starts to snap his hips, pushing deep inside then pulling almost all the way out to shove deep inside again. He grips Elijah's hair in his hand and twists his head around to kiss him almost brutally, his tongue exploring every inch of Elijah's mouth.

"Do you taste yourself ?" he asks as he pulls his head away. "You are delicious he growls as he changes his thrusts to hit Elijah's prostate with every brutal thrust of his hips. "You are so tight I'm going to come soon." Orli moans as he comes deep inside Elijah's body. He turns him back around and drops to his knees and runs his tongue up Elijah's cock before he takes him deep in his mouth. Too soon he comes down Orli's throat and he drinks down every last drop.

Elijah slowly slides down the wall gasping for breathe and leans on Orli. "Fuck Orli, I think you managed to make me see God."

Orli chuckles,"Brilliant, now onto round two."


Part One

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