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Two scorching H/D must reads :)

Title:Just Say The Word
Word Count:3,700
Summary:When Draco Malfoy enters the same pub as Harry and his friends, things take an interesting turn. "If you don't go over there right this minute," Hermione paused, and smirked at Harry. "Then I will."

Why I loved it:I loved all the characters in this delightful one-shot. She paints a hot and sexy story when she writes. Hermione is so funny drunk and even though Ron feels like Draco is..."An insufferable git, who’s about as appealing as... as... a Hungarian Horntail.” He is still a brilliant friend on Harry's side.

She writes very funny and charming characters you can't help but enjoy them and the hot nummy sex. *rawr*

Excerpt(optional):He’d not seen the pair of them since last Friday night when they were here last, having been away all week on Ministry business. Harry loved his job, and wouldn’t dream of ever doing anything else, but all the recent travel was a right pain in the arse. A sharp elbow to the ribs snapped him out of his musing, almost making him spill his drink.

“Ow! What the hell was that for?” Harry snapped, scowling and rubbing his side. Hermione was gesturing over towards the door, urging him to look with a huge grin and knowing eyes. Under normal circumstances Harry would have laughed out loud at her comical expression, but he was far too busy ogling the striking couple who had just entered the pub. Well, he was definitely ogling the tall, blond, and irritatingly handsome figure that was Malfoy; but his companion, Pansy Parkinson - not so much.

Harry sighed and grabbed his drink, downing it in one and coughing slightly at the welcome burn. He watched them saunter across to the bar, all Slytherin grace and seemingly effortless style. He tried, in vain, to ignore the way his trousers got uncomfortably tight all of a sudden; Draco Malfoy was so far out of Harry’s league, it was pointless getting his hopes up, or anything else for that matter.

Once again I could have copied the entire story of hers....:)

Title:Interrigate Me
Word Count:1,300
Warnings:Rimming and slight use of restraints
Summary:Harry questions Draco using some rather unconventional methods.

Why I loved it:If you read the warnings I believe you can figure out why I love and adore this scorching hot pwp. This is soooooooo sexy you should read it and if you love rimming(like I do)believe me you need to read this it's just OMG mind meltingly amazing smut.

I personally feel like a cheerleader for her H/D one-shots but they should be read over and over again. Her Harry and Draco are written so perfectly, she gives Draco the perfect attitude and sexy snark we all love. Harry wants Draco and you can easily understand why....

Excerpt(optional):Tell Me, Malfoy...” One solitary finger traces the length of Malfoy’s spine; firm pressure all the way down as Malfoy bends over the smooth wood. “Where were you on the 25th?” Harry’s hand pauses at the top of Malfoy’s arse, fingertips teasing over taut material.

“I was out.” Malfoy repeats, voice slightly muffled against the table. “Really, Potter, how many different ways would you like me to say it?” He rolls his eyes, studiously ignoring the growing tightness in his trousers.

Sudden warmth covers Malfoy’s back and his breath catches in his throat.

“I know you were out, you irritating arse.” Harry rolls his hips as he drapes himself over Malfoy’s back. “I want you to tell me where and with whom.”

“Sorry, Potter. No can do.” Malfoy stifles the impending moan as Harry thrusts against him.

Without warning, Harry’s warmth disappears as he stands and mutters another spell.


Mmmmmmm I made myself stop there as usual. :)

Edit:A shout out to becky please keep writing and I'll keep posting them during my month as a reccer. :)))))))
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