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A massive pic post of sexy vampire's...enjoy :)

I just stole this idea from my always sweet friend spikessweetgirl *hugs*

This is my list of the hottest Vampires of all time male and female. These undead hotties make you want to be bitten and turned :)))))

Edit:I just found this nice giff...
don't you like vampires? Pictures, Images and Photos

With this first one I could be cheating since Elijah was just turned into a Vampire for a second but he makes the most *delicious* Vampire. And it's Elijah so I shall put him first....

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Next is a super sexy hottie from True Blood,Eric. Mmmmmmmm so *yummy*

Here is a super sexy Vamp to drool over Ian as Damon from Vampire Diaries.

Pam from True Blood is amazing and lethal....

Also I adore the sexy yet sweet Jessica from True Blood. What a pretty girl and I adore her red hair.

Jessica Pictures, Images and Photos

No list would be complete without my favorite sexy,snarky bad boy Spike. He is the best and probably my very favorite vampire EVER created. He *rocks and rocks hard*

And Dru was also beautiful in a scary way... but not the one I wanted Spike to end up with he was Buffy's soulmate :)

Angel is OMG hot just so sexy it should be illegal. I had to use this picture though since they are both so very cute.

David and James Pictures, Images and Photos

Buffy Spike and Angel Pictures, Images and Photos

Julie as Darla from Buffy. I think she made a pretty vampire only I wasn't to fond of her character in Buffy.

He is one of my earlier vampire crushes and started my love/lust over reading about two men, Louis from The Vampire Chronicles. Even though Tom didn't make as sexy of a blond as he did brunette, reading about them had my blood boiling and realizing wow are men sexy together(Need more now). Brad as Louis made me want to offer myself to him and become a vampire badly. :)

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