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Hot Summer Day Part Two
Rating:NC-17 for sex and language
Summary:Viggo wants his neighbor across the street. This part has some steamy shower sex in it and two naked guys ;)
betaed by the fantastic mews1945
I'm not saying that this ever happened between them. It's just my fantasy...

Viggo in white


Viggo takes a deep breath and says,"Fuck"

"Yes mate that's the plan." Orli gives him a wink as he leads the way into his house.

Glancing over his shoulder, he says, "I hope your coming with me." Orli opens the door and Viggo follows him inside and looks around the very tasteful shadowy-cool living room.

"This way," he says as he peels his wet cutoffs off his slim hips and drops them on the floor on the way to the bathroom and starts the shower. He gets in and lets the water massage his chest and stomach.

Viggo strips and gets in with him and whispers in his ear, "Need help with your back or front?" He teasingly licks inside Orli's ear and sucks his earlobe into his mouth, causing Orli to gasp, moan and press himself back into Viggo's body. Viggo runs his hands over Orli's back and arms, caressing him with tender strokes. "You are so fucking hot," he breathes.

Orli turns around and kisses Viggo, wrapping his arms around his neck, nibbling on his lower lip as he grinds his growing erection into Viggo's. Orli takes them both in his hand and starts to stroke their erections together He feels the intense pleasure build in his body.

Viggo groans as he takes control of the kiss and places his hand with Orli's as his hips start to move with Orli's. Orli gasps as he comes and Viggo soon follows.

Orli says,"I'm so glad you came over and finally approached me. I thought you might catch on to my teasing and ask me out sometime." He places another kiss on Viggo's mouth.

"I'm so glad I listened to Sean and finally made my move." Viggo caress's Orli's cheek, "Let's go to bed and make love. I need more of you."

"I need you too." Orli turns off the water and, grabbing Viggo's hand, he pulls him out of the shower and leads him to his bed.


Part one

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