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An H/D must read :)

Title:Ask Me A Question
Word Count:7,200
Summary:When Auror partners Harry and Draco get stuck in a cellar together, will a game of twenty questions reveal more than they were expecting?

Why I loved it:I am a sucker for this type of fic I guess I love those 20 question stories. She writes one of my favorite Draco's ever he is brilliant,sexy,Slytherin to the core and so snarky. It's like she asked me what my favorite type of Draco is and writes him down and her stories are such a delight to read.

Harry is a man tormented by lust and desire for his beautiful Slytherin Auror partner.

Excerpt(optional):“Honestly, Potter. One simple task and you can't even manage that,” Draco snips, marching over to the bottles, wand raised at the ready. “Am I the only one who actually wants to leave this infernal place tonight?”

Harry manages to bite his tongue, staving off the caustic retort that was only seconds from slipping out. He and Draco are on their final written warning – one more fight and they will both be on suspension from active duty, pending partner re-allocation. Despite Malfoy constantly rubbing him up the wrong way and belittling him at nearly every opportunity, Harry likes the familiar acidic banter between them and really doesn't want a different partner. Not to mention the fact that Malfoy is hot and Harry likes nothing more than to stare at Draco when he isn’t looking and conjure up all sorts of dark and dirty scenarios; most of which, if not all, involve a distinct lack of clothing and multiple lubrication charms.

Draco mutters the required spell, a quick swish and flick of his wrist to finish it off. Harry almost sighs at the graceful movement of Malfoy’s long limbs, but thankfully manages to rein it in before the traitorous sound escapes. Mumbled curses and a loud scuffling from behind causes both wizards to turn around sharply, their faces wearing matching expressions of horror as they watch Ron tumble backwards through the door, grabbing hold of the handle for balance, and inadvertently pulling it shut behind him. The loud clank, as the door locks into place, reverberates around the suddenly pitch black room.

I could have quoted the whole story here.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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