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Domlijah fic Part Two

Title:You're Mine Part Two
Author: lijahlover
Warnings:Sex and Language
Hot Vampire sex in this part so you are warned!
This isn't true and I'm not saying this ever happened.
betaed by the fantastic mews1945 Thanks!

This is for lijeyeshaveit Happy Birthday hun. She wants more Domlijah...

Elijah in a see through shirt

Shirtless- Dom

Elijah gasps as he feels Dom fangs pierce his throat. He moans and thrusts his hips against Dom's feeling their erections rub against each other with a delicious friction. He uses both his hands to rub Dom's chest, playing with his nipples through the satin shirt, teasing them erect. The sensation causes Dom to growl and press closer, but he pulls away before he takes too much blood.

Elijah slips his hand into Dom's, looking deep into his eyes.

"Take me home, make me yours tonight."

* * *

Dom's place is a small house set back behind a stand of thick hedges, and it is dark, but Elijah feels no fear as Dom pulls him inside. They fall to the carpet with Elijah on top and he crushes his mouth to Dom's in a deep kiss. He feels his mind start to fog over with lust for Dom as his blood boils in his veins. The tip of his tongue teases Dom's fangs as he sucks Dom's tongue. causing Dom to gasps and thrusts up into his body.

Elijah pulls away from the intense kissing to rip his and Dom's shirts off. Dom pushes up off of the floor to suck and kiss Elijah's neck and chest, running his tongue up the vein in his throat causing Elijah to shiver at the sensation of Dom's fangs scraping him. He feels Dom lightly run his finger tips over his nipples and wants to beg for more.

"I need to feel you inside me Dom" he manages to rasp out, "Pounding into me."

Dom wrenches the zipper of his jeans down and tears them off as Elijah removes his own. He crawls up Dom's legs and starts to tease and torment him with his tongue as he swipes it out to swirl it around the tip of his cock then suddenly taking him deep into his throat. Relaxing his throat muscles, he moves his mouth up and down. Dom grips his hair and thrusts up into his hot mouth as Elijah pleasures him. Elijah slides his fingers inside his own body, stretching himself open slowly, feeling the muscles start to loosen as he adds a third finger.

Dom gasps out "Ride me Elijah, fucking ride me now."

Elijah works his way up Dom's sweaty body, licking, kissing and sucking. He pauses to lick and suck both of his Dom's nipples into his mouth, causing Dom him to shiver and plead for him now. Elijah runs his tongue up Dom's neck as he makes his way back to his lips. He runs his tongue over Dom's bottom lip sucking it into his mouth.

Elijah slowly lowers himself down on Dom, giving his body time to adjust to the feeling of being full and stretched. Elijah starts to move and begins a steady rhythm, riding Dom , snapping his hips and throwing his head back in ecstasy baring his throat to Dom's hungry gaze. Dom lunges up and latches onto his throat scraping his fangs over the tender, sensitive skin. Elijah moans as he feels Dom's fangs at his throat and his hand stroking him. He knows he's going to come soon, he can't last. He shudders as he comes in Dom's hand. Dom pulls him down and sucks harder at his neck; he sinks his fangs in his throat and starts to drink deeply as he comes deep inside Elijah's body.

Dom pulls away and says "I want to make you a vampire Elijah. I want you to be with me forever."

Elijah meets his eyes and whispers, "Yes, Dom, I want you to do it. I need to be with you. I'm yours always."


Part One

Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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