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Life and reading!

I have been sad for awhile today now and I realized what it was ever since I read Sal's amazing, brilliant and heartbreaking 5th chapter I have had the overwhelming urge to bawl and It's amazing to me but she(and a few others)are such fantastic writers that they make me feel what the characters in their fics feel. They are that good at writing and I love that about their work. I wouldn't miss reading their stories for anything. I also figured after I read The Last Sunrise that I read a few upsetting posts from my friends and their RL stuff. I feel their emotions as my emotions I've always been sensitive like that my whole life. That's why I stopped watching the news because I got actual sympathy pain for complete strangers and I feel like you are my family already and I love you all so that's why I feel the way I do. Besides I know that I read fics and hope to feel all emotions deeply that's why I still read everything I can.

So I thought I'd post some hotness to make us all feel happy. :) Enjoy!

Moving H/D-photobucket

Elijah Bust


Shirtless Elijah
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