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September rec # 3

I'm back with two more recs, I just read these the other night.

Word Count:7,500
Warnings:This is angsty
Summary:Two years after their break up, Harry and Draco meet again under familiar circumstances: Draco is in danger, Harry saves him.

Why I loved it:Well I could just say it's faith and leave it at that. But she wrote this beautiful amazing brilliant story. It has some heart-wrentching angst in it but you can trust faith to delever a perfect and wonderful ending.

She writes both Harry and Draco with a very realistic voice for them both. They can both admit they made mistakes and are not perfect. With the story you feel tension but as it get's to the ending you are grinning ear to ear. :)


I missed his voice, Draco thought. More than anything, he had missed Potter's voice. How soothing it was when Potter spoke softly, how rich when he was angry, low and vibrant when he was aroused. He hadn't seen Potter for almost two years; he hadn't realized how much he had missed him. Potter's touch had never felt more reassuring. Draco's hands relished Potter's warm grasp; he hoped Potter would not pull back too soon. "He's not a very rational person. He seemed to have forgotten his plan soon enough." Fenrir wanted to eat me. Draco's heart beat too fast. He willed himself to calm down.

"He never got the chance to bite you, though. I've checked."

Draco looked down at his lap. He was wearing a pair of flannel pyjamas that definitely weren't his. Potter must have stripped him, examined him, dressed him. He wondered how Potter had felt in those moments. Did he stare at Draco's skin and remember how he used to trace it with his tongue? Or was he detached, focused on what needed to be done?

Title:Bake Me, I'm Yours Part 1 and 2
Word Count:13,000
Summary:In which Draco is cruelly transfigured into a cupcake and happens to fall into the hands of a hungry Harry Potter.

Why I loved it:This was reced a couple times but should be read and laughed over. You site their and just can't believe your reading 13,000 words were most of it Draco is a cupcake and just looooove it and wish it had gone on longer. The story has credibale charactersation,a witty and wonderful plot.

This is something different and unique it's just brilliant and delicious you wont look at cupcakes the same way again *g*

The link at the bottom of the page takes you to the second part...


Draco Malfoy, in the entirety of his eventful, albeit still short existence, has never been rammed without his consent into a situation as sticky, thorny, and humiliating as this.

He's been witnessed by an entire stadium worth of raucously giggling Hogwarts students plunging gracelessly to the ground and wrestling with the tangles of his robes during his unsuccessful attempt to impersonate a dementor to induce fear in Potter and dampen his Quidditch abilities when beneath him, Crabbe's shoulders had quivered and brought the entire scheme to a shaky end. He's been caught by McGonagall's vigilant eyes in the middle of a Transfiguration test when he peered over Blaise's shoulder for the answer to number twelve after a night of sneaking out to play Quidditch instead of study over the process of turning into an Animagus. He's even been caught by a thoroughly flustered Narcissa frozen in the bathroom doorway when she waltzed to the toilet in search of Draco only to find her son releasing some of his pent-up adolescent hormones with the aid of his hand.

However, he is positive that this situation trumps all of the above, and will continue to be victorious in levels of extremity concerning embarrassment in future moments of ridicule to be cursed upon him.

This is probably because Draco Malfoy is currently a cupcake.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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