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Some good news for me!

I have had a good day so far because when Mr.lijahlover and I went to the bank today we had good news. A few years ago an old bank of ours put a black mark on my name for something they say I did so all this time I couldn't have my name on the checking account or have a debit card finally it fell off and I'm free of that. *yeah* I'm looking forward to direct deposit and we also were able to finally open a savings account and hopefully save some money because we need to desperately because next year Mr.lijahlover's son (my stepson) will be graduating from High School and he wants to go to college and that going to be a nightmare for us big time. We are not ready for that to happen. So far Josh wants to be a Chef or in Theater he loves both about equally. I'm happy with either choice because it's whatever makes him happiest. He has such a good voice and is very good in his school plays.

I'm sending jade my ticket money this week and I'm even more excited for NY City and Equus(to see Dan) being able to go see this play has me so excited and terrified at the same time because I've never been to a big city like NY and it's kind of awe inspiring for me. I'm also nervous about the money situation that no matter how much I take with me it won't be enough. That I won't be able to go to see something I want to because of the lack of money. It's so sad to be always worrying and stressing about money. It's great if you have it and can be hell if you don't. We have been married 12 years now and we have had more money worries than anything else probably 4 good years where we didn't worry about it. We will also finally be moving out of our parents house this summer so we are happy about that. We have lived with them for two years trying to get our feet under us and be able to move. It looks like a lot is going on with us right now but somethings will get better soon and look up I always try to keep a possitive attitude and outlook on life.

I love that it feels like I can chat with you guys about anything I love you all.

Banner by summershobbit

This is by summershobbit I just love this banner with two off my favorite things Elijah and horses.*hugs* xoxoxoooo
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