lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

I'm pimpin two comms to you guys :D

I just joined this one and thought I'd pimp it out it sounds interesting...

Banner by [info]schwarze_elster.

Fic. Great, isn’t it? Fan writers can take your favourite characters and make you laugh, cry or make you feel a little funny in the… No wait! Fic doesn’t always have to be about NC-17, full on, sexiness, does it? No! But sometimes it can be hard to find fics that can be romantic, fun or sad without all that X-rated grinding.

There’s [info]more_to_fic than that!

[info]more_to_fic aims to compile a list of great fic recs from a wide range of fandoms which are about the characters and not their sex lives. So come over and celebrate friendship, great plots, action/adventure, humour, romance that stops outside the bedroom door!


Also it's a new month so another comment fest is here...

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