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An H/D must read or re read :D

I'm your new recer for this month of September but I swear I will post some happy fluff as well.

Title:Come In From The Cold
Word Count:1,700
Summary:Draco is in a relationship with Harry and is forced to choose between his father or Harry.

Why I loved it:This story is so lovely and touching it pulls at your heartstrings...All her writing is suberb and brilliant...This is no exception. She portrays everyone so realisticaly and beautifully. Her characters are ic and this leaves you with a lump in your throat and amazed it is less than 2000 words with how much she pours into this story.


“You’ve shamed me,” Lucius said softly in the smooth, cultured hiss that had turned many a man’s knees to water. “If you choose this, if you choose him, then you are no son of mine.”

“Lucius, please,” his mother had begged. “You may never see him again. Don’t let it be like this, please.”

But his father merely stared at him over the top of her fair head. “You must choose, Draco: right here, right now.”

The silence after his pronouncement had been complete. Draco’s heart had been hammering in his chest like a maddened thing, and his mouth had gone dry, but as he’d stared into those cold grey eyes, he’d not once questioned his answer. He’d made his mistakes when he was younger, tried to earn his father’s approval with nearly disastrous results. He wouldn’t do that again.

He’d lifted his chin and spoken softly, but resolutely. “I choose him.”
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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