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I'm a MOD of a recipe community *yay*

I just had a community given to me from a wonderful friend of mine. I now own, maintaine and MOD a community. Yay I'm kinda excited over this it's something new for me.

I'm wanting all my friends that are interested to check it out(please join pretty please) it's a place to post and share recipe's. We want not only your recipes but your enjoyment in cooking or woes in baking etc...

Sweet Little Cupcake: A Recipe Sharing Comunity

Here is the link slc_recipes

Oh and if anyone on my flist can add words to my only icon from the community that would be lovely to add mod on it ...Please and thank you :) *hugs* x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

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I kinda like the idea of having an icon that says mod on it *g*
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