lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco challenge:From sisika!

Warnings:Sexy guys kissing and touching you are warned.
This is for sisika who wanted me to write a fic with these words in it, Hair Straightner, Chicken Tikka and Cheap Carpet. I hope you enjoy this hun *hugs*
betaed by the sensational mon_ami_runa XD


Harry walks in the house and yells,"I'm home, babe" while looking around the room. He sighs while thinking about how much he loves their house they bought a little over a year together. Draco had insisted on decorating everything himself and did a brilliant job with the colors and pictures. 'He should think about decorating school, he'd be perfect for that.' He hears sounds in the kitchen and walks in to find Draco busy at the stove, cooking dinner. The sunlight glows in from their kitchen window making Draco's long, silky hair glow with a brilliant hue. Harry thanks whatever God there is for giving him this man to love everyday of his life as he walks up behind him and wraps his arms around Draco's slender waist, rubbing up against him. "What are you making for dinner? It smells delicious."

"Chicken Tikka your favorite dish."

"Mm-mm" he moans as he kisses Draco's neck tenderly. "You taste better than any dish I just want to devour you instead, eat you up for dinner."

Draco smirks and says "I'm for dessert because I'm so sweet" as he turns his head to tenderly kiss Harry's mouth.

"Yes you are sweet and tasty. I love to nibble on you." Harry sits down to watch Draco for awile drinking in his ethereal beauty.

"Well Harry, How did Hermione like the hair straightener you gave her today?"

"She was a little surprised but loved it because she still says she's going to take your advice and straiten her hair someday to see how she'll look." Harry chuckles remembering that conversation between them that Draco initiated himself and he still swears he was being delicate about it.

Draco slides the dinner in the oven and sets the timer. He turns around and walks over to Harry with a slight swish to his hips. He sits on his lap and presses his lips to Harry's running his tongue lightly over his lips. It causes Harry to gasp and open his mouth further so Draco's tongue can slide deep inside his hot , willing mouth, kissing him deeply rubbing his hands slowly down his chest.Their tongues playfully battle for dominance, as Draco presses down onto Harry's rapidly growing erection wanting attention.

"God, Draco, I'm dying here. I need to make love to you, right here and now on the floor, please?" Harry begs as he trusts up into Draco's hips firmly.

Draco runs his tongue up Harry's neck pausing to nibble playfully on his chin. He leans in and whispers,"Hell no, I'm not laying on that cheap carpet.You can be on the bottom and I'll get on top this time," Draco says with a huge smirk on his lips.


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