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Harry/Draco,Scorpius and Harry/Scorpius to drool over!

Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: R (NWS)
Summary: Sometimes when I see your face, I think of what might have been.
Notes: Multi-paneled! :-)

This is beyond beautiful to have her talent..Her work awes me and almost makes me speechless it makes me gasp...Her Draco looks the the very pretty Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Harry is sexy and he smokes in this which is so hot. This is truly breathtaking and it sets your blood on fire. :)

Title:Worth Any Price
Characters: Scorpius
Rating: PG
Created with: Painter X
Notes: This is for darling ineffably_roma, for her generous contribution to help_haiti. It's of Scorpius from her story,Possession of the Heart, which is absolutely incredible and a must-read!

Her Scorpius is just stunning such beauty in his face and as always the colors she uses are perfection. This is so powerful and it blows you away with her detail. The pattern on his shirt is genius.

Also I am reading the story now that the art was drawn for and I'm hooked on every word this is one amazing must read. Her Scorpius is so alone in this fic and your heart breaks for him. It's Harry/Scorpius and it's so lovely!

Check out these two if you haven't already or look again and squeeee some more.
Tags: art rec, harry/draco, harry/scorpius, rec

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