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A must read that is Domlijah :)

Title: One camcorder to record them all
Author: herumtreiber
Rating: R
Characters: Dom/Elijah
Word count: 633
Warnings: A bit of voyeurism
Disclaimer: I don't own them. This is made up.
Notes: For lijahlover , who's had a tiring day.

This made me so happy it was written for me and has cheered me up nicely...It has Dom,Elijah and me in a room with Bon Jovi music playing. I'm jealous of myself in this *g*

Thank you thank you thank you herumtreiber you *rock* my world! :) :) :)

After he got out of the lavishly decorated elevator of the San Diego luxury hotel, he walked to his room. When he got to the corner of the carpeted corridor he looked back; it seemed as if someone was following him. He shook his head; he could’ve sworn he’d heard very light steps behind him.

Elijah put the electronic card on the door slot and entered the room, smiling when he saw Dom on the bed, covered only by the magenta silk sheets. Dom’s stubble looked delicious and Elijah unconsciously licked his lips. He entered the room with a jaunty step, forgetting about his tiredness. Dom always had this effect on him.

“I’m glad you chose this hotel.” Elijah sat on the edge of the bed and began to take off his pants.

“What do you mean?” Dom couldn’t help but be distracted by Elijah’s beautiful blue eyes, the same hue as the sea off the beach they’d visited the day before.

“Well, after I received your e-mail saying you specifically wanted this hotel, I booked a room,” said Elijah while he took off his tie.

“Funny, don’t recall sending you any lately.”

Elijah frowned. “Well, I thought it was you. After all, it was sent by lijahlover.”

Dom leaned forward, his forehead touching Elijah’s. Dom’s hand played with Elijah’s chin and he leaned forward to smell his cologne. It was uniquely Elijah, spicy and woodsy. “I’m not the only one who loves you, you know.”

They kissed passionately; their moans covering the soft steps of someone walking very silently towards the curtains.

Elijah broke their kiss. “Did you hear something?”

Dom spread his arms, huffing. Sometimes Elijah was too cautious. But after all that came with the territory of being a movie star. “No, I didn’t.”

Dom touched Elijah’s red cotton briefs. “You’re overdressed. It’s quite hot here, you know.”

Elijah smiled and stretched besides his lover. “You mean you’re the one who’s hot.”

“I’m always hot for you.” Dom let his fingers trace Elijah’s muscled chest, smooth like satin, stopping to play with his hardened nipples.

Elijah whimpered and touched Dom’s stubble, fingering the tiny scar only he knew about. Filming the last part of the Lord of the Rings hadn’t been always easy, and Viggo’s spear had gently nicked Dom after they’d finished shooting the battle with the Ringwraiths.

Elijah leaned to kiss the scar, a ritual of theirs previous to lovemaking. But he saw the curtains slightly fluttering.

“Don’t you feel like someone’s watching us?” said Elijah wonderingly.

Dom took the remote that was near the pillow and turned on the radio. The soft guitar of Bon Jovi’s ‘Bed of roses’ started playing.

Impatient with his lover, Dom turned Elijah sideways and raised his torso until he was over the blue-eyed actor. “You’re starting to imagine things. Next you’ll say that our dog in the cottage is a real person, like in your show.”

Dom kissed Elijah heatedly, their hands restlessly groping each other as Bon Jovi started singing ‘…Trying hard to capture the moment this morning…’'

Elijah soon forgot about the heat, the press and the irrational feeling of being watched as their groping turned to something more heated.

Meanwhile, a slim hand held a camcorder that peeked from behind the curtains, recording the scene. The mysterious person’s sighs were covered by the rock song and Elijah’s and Dom’s grunts.
Tags: dom/lijah, rec

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