lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

I have a Domlijah rec :)

Awwwww this was just written for me so I have to now squeeeeee over this lovely lovely drabble. I have to rec it out...Did I mention written for me LOL! *glomps* randomdarling like crazy :)

Title: Not A Bad Kisser
Pairing: Elijah/Dom
Rating: R
Disclaimer: No I don’t own them, yes this is made up
Feedback: As always, any is appreciated
Notes: A drabble for the wonderful lijahlover , who kindly sent me the Kiss virtual gift. I hope you like this. *hugs*

Like it try LOVE it to pieces...Sexy boy kissing is sexy :)

He would press his lips to a pillow for hours on end, imagining it to be another’s face. He finally progressed to snogging the knuckles on his left hand, pretending they were lips.

The memory of his first kiss still makes him cringe - despite all the practising, it was a slobbery mess that caused the girl from his history class to pull away and leave hurriedly, glancing back over her shoulder with a look of disdain.

When Dom finally figured out that it was male lips he wanted, it was a whole new world of kissing to master. He toughened his kisses. He sped them up, depending on the partner. None of it was right. He eventually came to the conclusion that he was just a bad kisser.

And then he met Elijah.

Kissing Elijah was like nothing he’d ever done before. Their first romantic kiss - discounting all the friendly pecks on cheeks and foreheads - was chaste; barely more than a touch of lips on soft lips. Other kisses soon followed. Tongues entwined, Dom’s flickering deep in Elijah’s warm mouth so he could taste smoke and mint and coffee. He was fascinated by the sensation of running his tongue over the tips of Elijah’s teeth. The kisses worked their way over cheekbones and turned into swirls on earlobes, then they slid their way down jaws and necks and chests to reach darker places.

Now, Elijah assures Dom on a regular basis that he’s not a bad kisser - quite the opposite in fact - although Dom doesn’t really need convincing, because kissing Elijah feels so right.
Tags: dom/lijah, rec

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