lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah drabble

Title:Frantic Yet Sexy Display
Word Count:100
Warnings:Voyeurism and language
Disclaimer:I want this to have happened but that doesn't make it so... *pouts*
betaed again by no one really sorry for that!

Written for my 100 word porn meme and herumtreiber asked for Dom/Elijah, voyeurism with someone watching them and I picked Billy lucky lucky man. :)

Billy froze in shock as he rounded the corner of a trailer. It was dark outside but he could just make out the couple oblivious to anyone watching them.

"Fuck,Dom, god yes, you feel fucking brilliant pressing against me,pinning me here."

Dom kissed Elijah deeply his tongue pressed into Elijah's mouth as his hips started to grind.

Billy's eyes widened at the frantic yet sexy display they made so needy for each other. His trousers felt tight as he continued watching unable to drag his eyes from the pair in the shadows.

Elijah begged,"Take me to bed".
Tags: dom/lijah

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