lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah drabble

Title:Love The Anticipation
Word Count:100 plus I kinda went over
Rating:Hard R
Warnings:Nothing really but candlewax,teasing with a flogger and loads of language
Disclaimer:I want this to have happened but that doesn't make it so... *pouts*
betaed by no one...

This was for my 100 word porn meme again...My friend blackwolf1480 asked for Dom/Elijah, S&M more light not heavy and Elijah is begging for it. :)

Elijah blinked his eyes behind the blindfold as he swallowed nervously. He loved the anticipation of what might be in store for him. He heard the match and burning sulfur as he breathed the smell of the candle as the fragrance permeated the room.

Dom slowly tipped the candle over Elijah's chest, feeling him jerk away from the heat, running his fingers through the hot wax of the candle. He lightly tugged on one of Elijah's nipple rings.

"Fuck,Dom fuck that feels brilliant, whimpered Elijah as he writhed and arched under Dom's skilled fingers.

"Mmm,'re so fucking beautiful" he growled in Elijah's ear, feeling him shiver as the wax cooled on his hot skin. Dom picked up his flogger as he lightly teased Elijah with it.

"Damn, Dom...please" groaned Elijah.

"Please what baby?"

"Fucking whip me now"

Dom chuckled,"You know I have to punish you for being demanding and pushy?" Dom reached down as he traced his finger around the but plug, bringing his finger to his mouth,"Strawberry lube my favorite flavor."
Tags: dom/lijah

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