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Domlijah fic

Title:You're mine
summary:Dom and Elijah met outside a dance club and things quickly heat up but one of them isn't what he seems...
warnings:Vampire hotness!
Of coarse this never happened between them ever.
betaed by the fantastic mon_ami_runa

Elijah in a see through shirt


Dom stands silently in the shadows watching people leave the bar in the dead of the night. He looks up at the full moon and sighs at the beauty of the moonlight lighting the sky. Dom's blue eyes brighten as he watches a man stumble out of the bar obviously drunk and in a great mood. He watches as the familiar stranger lights up a cigarette and takes a deep drag, breathing the smoke deeply into his lungs. 'I know who he is ' he thinks to himself as he licks his lips and starts to walk towards the slim, sexy, younger man. He lets his eyes roam over his body taking in how he's dressed in his skin tight black jeans and tight black top. 'Mm-mm, he looks delicious.'

"Hey gorgeous" says Dom as he gets closer to his old friend. "How the fuck have you been lately? It's been to long."

"Dominic” yells Elijah as he launches into his arms for a full body hug, pressing his body as close as he can to him. "It's been too long mate, too fucking long" he says, too loud, right in Dom’s ear.

Dom reluctantly pulls back from him and looks at him with a burning desire shinning in the depths of his eyes, drinking the sight of him in. "God, Elijah, I've missed you."

"Hell, I've missed you so much." He sways towards Dom and presses his mouth to his in a tender, loving kiss, their lips open and their tongues swirl around each others, rubbing in each others mouths. Elijah drops his forgotten cigarette on the ground uncaring about anything except this man before him.

Dom pulls him closer to him and starts to run his hands over Elijah's back, slowly caressing him with his fingertips, causing Elijah to shiver and gasp. Dom deepens the kiss, playfully battling his tongue with Elijah's. He sucks his tongue deeper into his mouth as he presses him into the shadows.

"Fuck me, take me, make me yours tonight Dom" gasps Elijah as he offers his body to Dom's willingly.

Dom growls deeply in his throat as he whispers, “You will be mine, forever Elijah" as he runs his tongue along the sensitive side of Elijah's tender, pale throat and sinks his fangs into his neck.

Part Two

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