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A sweet and sexy Veela fic by softly_sweetly :)

Title: Merlin's Family Jewels
Author/Artist: softly_sweetly
Creature: Veela
Length/Word Count:7,400
Author's/Artist's Website or Masterlist: where to find more fics by that author or more artwork by the artist softly_sweetly
Why everyone should read/look at this: Her warnings are enough reasons to read this...Creature!Fic, Explicit Sex, Parselsmut, and kind of fluffy too. I have read this brilliant story a few times and adore it. The plot was fast paced and the smex was so very hawt!

I have such love for the way she wrote both Harry and Draco this is the perfect Veela story a must read or re read....

Here is a small excerpt:

Merlin's family jewels were something he'd only really half believed in. Everyone knew the story of them being stolen from the carriage of a noblewizard while he slept, with not one of the thirteen armed wizards riding guard around the carriage noticing a thing, but Harry had always suspected that to be an embellished version. Some said the jewels were stolen by a Werewolf, some by a Veela, and some said it was a Troll, and the wizards were all so terrified they lost their memory. Having faced a Troll and retained his mind, Harry thought the Troll theory was more than a little dubious, but it was a way for children to scare each other in the night. As the jewels were nothing to do with him, he'd never really thought about them being reclaimed and yet here he was, about to go on a reclamation mission with Malfoy.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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