lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A must read for H/D lovers

Title:Be not defeted by the rain
Word Count:22,000
Warnings:For those who don't know, the Yakuza is the Japanese Mafia; consequently there are some references to strong off-screen violence (including self-mutilation), a lot of swearing and some (broken) Japanese. The fic also features tattoos, smoking, angry sex, poetry, ruthlessly rewritten mythology and an entire country's worth of OCs.

Summary:Exiled from both Britain and the magical world, Draco Malfoy makes a living by identifying illegal magical artefacts on behalf of the Yakuza in Kyoto. He's sure his past is behind him until Head Auror Potter shows up in Japan chasing a Celtic relic, and Draco's life is once again thrown into utter turmoil.

Why I loved it:This is one of my favorite stories written so far in the hd_smoochfest. The plot flowed so easily and you get caught up in the stunning world Draco is living in. I love the Japan culture and history. I lust afterreally like her Draco he is just *guh* All of her warnings made me want to read it more. I have such a thing for Draco with a tattoo,smoking,kohl on his eyes and wearing jeans. UNF just UNF!

Oh and the ust and angry sex sets my blood on fire. The story reads very quickly you will wish it had kept on going and never stopped. It has loads of action and lots of hot hot sex. *g*

Did I mention the brilliant sex yet? LOL!

Excerpt:Today his arms were on display, the Celtic knot tattoos interlacing over the wiry muscles all the way down the right arm, all the way around the Dark Mark on the left. He liked black and wore his clothes tight, sheathing his whole body like a dagger. Black suits for business meetings, black jeans for every day. Just a hint of kohl at the eyes. The effect was to accentuate how pale his hair was, how grey his eyes: it was a fuck you. I am different. I am Jingai, I am Shugenja, I am Queer. I am not like you.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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