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Aragorn/Legolas fic: Happy Birthday mon_ami_runa!

Title:Sleeping Beauty
Warnings: Sex between a man and a very pretty Elf!
betaed by the wonderful mon_ami_runa
Happy Birthday She requested this pairing.

She wanted me to write her this pairing and she wanted me to put these words in it leaves, chocolate, Sleeping Beauty waking with a kiss, Established Relationship, Legolas on top and the flashback. I hope you all like this...

Aragorn stands looking out the window, staring at the beautiful sunrise in the distance. “It makes everything glow beautifully” Aragorn thinks as he looks out at the magnificent beauty surrounding him. He looks at the big green leafy trees that Legolas insisted that their yard have lots of. The trees would calm Legolas down whenever he got stressed about anything. Aragorn turns around to admire the stunningly beautiful elf lying on their bed. He is covered with the dark blue satin sheets that he somehow manages to kick off of him in the night. Aragorn muses that his lover looks like a work of art lying there on their big, beautiful four poster bed when he sleeps. He reminds him of Sleeping Beauty and all he needs is a kiss to wake. Aragorn’s mind wanders and as he remembers last night

*flashback *

He remembers making love with Leggi, his lover on top, riding him. His elf’s beautiful face was glowing with love and desire for him alone. At climax Aragorn had tangled his fists in the hair falling down Legolas’s back like a beautiful golden waterfall.

* End flashback*

He moves towards the bed and leans over to press his mouth to his elf’s. He lay down on top of him without breaking their kiss before he pulls away and looks down at Legolas who's reluctantly opened his eyes and blinks at him, "I was having the best dream about us together but I'm glad you woke me from it. This is much better than my dream." He wraps his arms around Aragorn and pulls him close for another tender kiss.

"Mm-mm" moans Aragorn, "You taste amazing, better than chocolate."

"Nothing tastes better than chocolate” insists Legolas with a sweet smile on his beautiful face.

Aragorn runs his hands through Legolas' shinny, silky hair enjoying the feel of it. It feels like liquid gold to him. Aragorn continues to place tender kisses on his face and eyes as he presses him into their soft, comfortable mattress. Aragorn whispers in his ear, "I want you to make love to me this time baby."

Legolas growls deep in his throat as they quickly strip each other’s clothes off, Legolas takes his time kissing, licking and sucking every inch of Aragorn's sexy body. He worships every inch of his skin with his tongue and mouth. Legolas spoons up behind, as he starts to stretch and prepare Aragorn's tight opening with his fingers. He feels him start to relax and adds a third finger, scissoring them to further stretch him open. He grabs the lube from their drawer and strokes some on his hard throbbing cock, causing him to moan and gasp at the sensation of his hand.

"Make love to me baby, now" demands Aragorn. "I can't wait much longer to have you deep inside me."

Legolas slowly pushes inside his tight body groaning deeply as he sinks deep inside. He starts a fast steady pace pushing into him from behind as he reaches around and starts to stroke Aragorn’s cock in his hand. "I love how good you feel, how tight you are" gasps Legolas as he trusts inside again and again.

"I'm coming” gasps Aragorn with Legolas coming deep inside his body. Legolas tenderly kisses Aragorn on the neck and playfully nips his ear with his teeth. "I might need to top more often." he whispers.

Aragorn grins and says, “I agree elf, take me anytime."


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