lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A brilliant H/D series to read :)

Title: Midnight
Author/Artist: winnett
Length/Word Count:This is a series written for sythindor100 Holiday prompt. It's 50 100 word drabbles.
Rating:PG-13 to R
Author's/Artist's Website or Masterlist: winnett
Why everyone should read/look at this: This is a series of 50 drabbles written for the 2010 Christmas holiday challenge and what a unique but brilliant idea she had. She did an amazing job fitting her series with all the prompts or picture prompts they used it is a unique love story set at Christmas for our two Wizards. She wrote one intruging, Holiday gothic, horror story and what beautiful imagery in her descriptions. The dark atmosphere of their surroundings makes you shiver and you are amazed at what she can make you feel with just 100 words per drabble.

This series just sucks you in(pun so intended) and you are disappointed to see it end.
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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