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Week 10 Animal

Title:You're So Sweet
Challenge:Week 10:fffc:Animal or animalistic behavior.
Word Count:100
Summery:Elijah and Dom are at a pet store and Elijah REALLY wants a puppy. How far will he go to get what he wants?
Disclaimer:I can honestlty say I have no idea if they have ever done this together. I don't know either but yet I own Dom body and soul ;)
betaed by no one so sorry about that.

Elijah's eyes glowed with happiness as he picked up a puppy that stumbled and fell against his leg. "Hey cutie you're so sweet...You should come home with Dom and I" exclaimed Elijah as he picked up the soft,yellow Lab puppy.

"Elijah...we talked about this earlier."

Elijah looked at Dom his blue eyes sparkled with joy. "Please" he pouted.

Dom closed his eyes, 'He was fucking helpless against that look.'

Elijah walked over to Dom as he whispered in his sensitive ear,"I'll make it up to you tonight..."

Dom shivered and smirked "Sir, We'll take him."
Tags: dom/lijah

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