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29 April 2011 @ 02:41 pm
Week 10 Animal  
Title:It Boiled and Writhed
Challenge:Week 10:fffc:Animal or animalistic behavior
Word Count:100
Warnings:Nothing but a few cuss words.
Summery:Dom and Elijah are hungry for each other
Disclaimer:I can not say that this happened but damn it would be sexy if it did ;)
betaed by no one sorry about that.

Happy birthday spikessweetgirl *hugs*

Dom slowly flicked his tongue out as he traced around Elijah's red lips. He lowered his head and gently raked his teeth over his smooth collarbone. Dom's lips kissed up and sucked below Elijah's chin, his teeth nipped at his lovers sensitive,pale skin.

"Fuck, love...please" Elijah whimpered as he arched his neck.

"Please what baby" purred Dom as he blew over Elijah's damp skin.

"Fuck me, take me now."

Dom licked his lips,wetting them as he gazed at Elijah with an almost feral look.

Elijah shivered as desire burned through his blood, it boiled,writhed inside him.
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lijahlover: Domlijah forever otp!lijahlover on April 30th, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)
Thanks since I was going for a love,lust,desire animal kinda thing ;)

I would like to now come up with a Sam/Frodo drabble that involves a actual animal. I'm thinking about that one still :)