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I wanted to say Hi but lj won't let me right now :)

I'm trying to get on lj but it looks like more problems. *sighs*

I was going through all my e-mail but will try again later.

It was such a busy day at work and I was looking forward to writing some of my 100 word porn meme challenges but it will give me something to look forward to later.

Everything hurts from the day we had at work it was insanely busy.

We just got in True Grit with John Wayne and Secretariat and will watch those soon I also watched The Romantics with Elijah and wish he was in it more. I also was unsure about how it ended. I was confused by it and going WTF??? I like a super clear ending more than a up in the air ending. :)

Please comment with open ID if you don't have a Dreamwidth :)


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