lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A wonderful H/D a must read :)

Title:Deflowered in the Shower
Word Count:1065
Warnings:Explicit sex, smut, slash
Summary:Harry uses his Invisibility Cloak to spy on Draco in the showers after Slytherin Quidditch practice, and then he shags sub-but-not-girly Draco for the first time.

Why I loved it:Oh wow was this some sexy and hot shower first time sex. She painted the most stunning visual with her words. You should read this if you enjoy sexy boys getting all wet and drippy while having steamy shower sex. This was such brilliance and amazing to read or re read if it's been awhile for you.

Jae also has one great title and also last line for her fic... :)

Excerpt(optional):Malfoy was standing directly beneath the spray of water, which streamed off of his pale body in mouth watering trails. His head was tilted back, and his lips were parted in pleasure. One hand was braced against the tiles in front of him, and the other hand...
Tags: harry/draco, rec

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