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Viggo's Appaloosa a good western.

Well hubby and I last night watched a great and entertaing movie from Net-flix called Appaloosa with Viggo and Ed Harris in it it was a very good movie I thought. It was pretty much 2 hours but didn't feel like it when watching it was pretty fast paced.

I like Viggo with the facial hair it grows on me and fits his role. I like him and Ed in movies together they work well as a pair. I loved them in A History of Violence.

Viggo Mortensen Pictures, Images and Photos

We have been buying movies like crazy with Blockbuster leaving us :)

Besisde the ones I have already mentioned in a previous post here is another list...

Goods-Jeremy Piven

Repo Men-Jude Law and Forest Whitaker

The Weight of Water-Sean Penn-Sarah Polley-Josh Lucas-Elizabeth Hurley

Vantage Point-Dennis Quaid-Matthew Fox-Forest Whitaker-William Hurt

88 Minutes-Al Pacino

Green Zone-Matt Damon

The Ghost Writer-Pierce Brosnan-Ewan McGregor

The Final Destination

Valentine-David Boreanaz-Denise Richards

Whiteout-Kate Beckinsale

Untraceable-Diane Lane

I want to go back today and buy A Single Man with Colin Firth and watch it I haven't seen it but for 3 bucks that's fine with me.
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