lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Sam/Frodo drabble

Title:How Beautiful
Word Count:100
Disclaimer:I don't own them or this would have happened in the end of the books.
Summery:Sam and Frodo have hit their one year Anniversary together as a married couple.

Sam softly smiled as he looked over the rolling, lush, green grass. He breathed in the fragrant air as he ran his fingers over the softly carved wood of the steps of their cottage. He heard a noise in the distance and looked around. He spied Frodo nearing the house, the golden sun a huge ball of fire as it lowered in the sky.

His eyes roved over his husband of one year, he admired how beautiful Frodo looked as the sunlight glowed all around him.

Frodo traced his fingertips over Sam's soft lips, "Happy Anniversary, my love" he whispered
Tags: sam/frodo

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