lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Domlijah Part Two

Unexpected Part Two
In the last part they decide to take a shower together to get cleaned up. There's sex and rimming in this part.
This is dedicated to those who asked for more so I gave you more *hugs*
betaed by the lovely mon_ami_runa

Dom pulls Elijah into the shower with him under the spraying massaging water beating down on them. Dom starts to press Elijah back as he licks and sucks the water off of his slick skin, causing Elijah to gasp and press closer to him.

Dom lips travel over Elijah's face and throat tenderly kissing as he rubs against his body. He growls as he turns Elijah around and presses his body forward to press against the wet tiles. Dom takes his time kissing the back of his sensitive neck working his way slowly down running his tongue down his spine as he gets on his knees. He spreads Elijah open and starts to lick and push his tongue inside his opening, working his tongue as deep inside as he can. Elijah is panting, groaning and pressing backwards on Dom's talented clever tongue. "I'm going to come by just your tongue in me, fuck me soon, please, Dom, God please" Elijah whines desperately.

Dom feels something animistic snap inside him at Elijah's frantic pleading and whining. He shoves his tongue inside a few more times to stroke his prostate with each thrust of his tongue making Elijah scream. Dom stands up and grips his lover’s hips and slowly pushes inside Elijah's well loosened, quivering hole. Dom starts a fast hard steady pace slamming deep inside with each thrust. He reaches around and starts to stroke Elijah with firm strokes of his hand. Dom grabs Elijah's hair and pulls his head back to suck on his neck leaving a bruise on his tender skin. "I want to feel you come deep inside me," demands Elijah as he comes in Dom's hand. Dom comes not long soon after and falls to his knees again he licks all of the come from inside Elijah's body and stands up licking his lips and smirking at him.

Crushing his mouth to Elijah's, Dom says "I wanted you to know how much I missed you while you were gone."

"Fuck, Dom I was only gone a few days visiting family. I love you."

"I love you too babe," whispers Dom as he presses his mouth to Elijah's.

Authors Note:You can easily reach the prostate with your tongue or even a finger tip it's not far inside at all. Just some FYI

Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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