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Take Me Home Tonight Part Two

Take Me Home Tonight Part Two
Summary:This is what happens after they leave the bar and go home together...
This is for saura_ who asked for more *hugs*
This isn't true it never happened and I'm not saying it did.
betaed by the wonderful mon_ami_runa Thanks XD

Sean Bean-random -fandom

Sean pulls Dom inside his bedroom and slams the door with his foot. He presses his lips to Dom's, opening his mouth to devour him. His tongue mapping out every inch of Dom's mouth, running it over the roof of his mouth, he fucks him with his tongue telling him without words how much he wants and needs him. Soon Sean starts to stroke Dom through his jeans, causing Dom to moan and thrust in his hand.

Dom returns the favor by stroking Sean until they are both mindless with desire and lust. Mindless with need for the sexy man before him Sean rips Dom's shirt over his head and quickly strips his jeans off. He pushes him on the bed and quickly strips and joins him. Once he gets there he stops for a second in an effort to slow things down and then bends to suck and lick every inch of Dom's sexy firm body. He works his way slowly down Dom's stomach, pausing to lick Dom's sensitive bellybutton and then work his way further and suck on the inner flesh of his thighs.

Dom grips Sean's hair with a firm hold and tries to guide his head over but Sean is in a teasing mood and refuses to rush with making love to this gorgeous man. Dom moans and whispers, "Damn, Sean, I need you so much it hurts."

Sean runs his tongue over the sensitive head of Dom's cock and takes it in his mouth to begin to pleasure Dom with his mouth and hand. "You taste so fucking good Dom," growls Sean as he continues to suck and stroke him at the same time.

Dom is gasping and moaning at the delicious sensations coursing through his body, he starts to thrust his hips, so Sean pins them firmly down on the bed. Dom gasps and screams as he comes down Sean's throat who drinks every last drop and crawls back up his body and sucking and licking every inch of his chest paying special attention to his nipples.

"Fuck me, take me now," he demands.

Sean flips him over and grabs the bottle of lube, pouring some on his fingers and sliding them in Dom's body, slowly stretching him open with his fingers as he kisses and sucks on Dom's shoulder blades and the back of his incredibly sensitive neck. He teases Dom's ear with his tongue as he prepares his body.

Dom takes hold of the headboard and begs, “Please fuck me now."

Sean pushes deep inside Dom's tight, hot hole and starts a fast almost brutal pace. He takes hold of his hips and slams inside again and again. "Sean moans out "You feel so fucking hot and tight, I can't hold out to long."

Dom pushes back towards Sean to deepen his thrusts and tightens his muscles to drive Sean over the edge. Dom twists his head around, griping Sean’s hair as he crushes his mouth to his in a bruising, all consuming kiss, their tongues playfully rub against each others.

Sean screams "Fuck, Dom I'm coming," as he comes deep inside Dom's body and collapses next to him on the bed.

Dom rises up and leans over to kiss Sean again tenderly on the lips. "God damn, you were fucking fantastic." Let’s keep doing this."

Sean manages to rasp out "I think we need to go take a shower and then I want to take you out to dinner. “How about that?"

Dom grins at him and replies “Brilliant idea mate, brilliant idea."

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