lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Zeke/Casey drabble

Fandom:The FacultyPairing: Zeke/Casey
Bonus: Nope
Word Count: 100
Challenge: # 16-pink/red
Rating/Warnings: Hard R for language and warnings are a possessive,smirking Zeke and a pleading Casey....
Summary/Other Info Casey is somewhat tied up and Zeke loves to torment his frustrated boyfriend.
Disclaimer: I want to say I own them yet I don't...
BetaedNo it isn't betaed sorry about that...

Zeke smirked as he observed Casey futilely tug and pull against his bindings, he nibbled down his lovers throat, feeling the muscles twitch then spasm under his tongue and teeth. Zeke rubbed the tip of his tongue over Casey's sensitive red nipples, feeling them harden as Casey arched upward into his mouth.

"Fucking hell Zeke, damn feel so good," whimpered Casey as his bright blue eyes rolled back in his head.

Zeke growled out,"Mine" as he licked his tongue over Casey's stomach muscles, his breath hot as he blew over sweaty skin, watching his lover come undone.
Tags: zeke/casey

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