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Happy Birthday drabble

This is for frolijah_fan_54 and harukameko *hugs you both*

Elijah and Dom get carried away on the sofa and Elijah plays with Dom's nipple ring.
This never happened its just my fantasy..
This is unbetaed so all mistakes are mine. Cut for sex and language...

Dom's presses his lips to Elijah's as his tongue tenderly slides into Elijah's open mouth tasting him and sucking his tongue deep inside. His hands slide around to Elijah's back as he pulls him down on top of him.

Elijah's weight presses him down on the sofa as Elijah kisses Dom on his forehead and nose and moves down to his neck with teasing flicks of his tongue, causing Dom to gasp and pull his hair. He drags Elijah back up to him for more of his tempting sexy mouth. "I love your taste so fucking much baby," growls Dom as he starts to thrust his hips up into Elijah's grinding hard and fast.

Elijah rips Dom's shirt off of his head and starts to tug on Dom's nipple ring with his teeth, causing Dom to shiver and gasp. He runs his tongue over and through the ring tormenting Dom with each swipe of his tongue.

Elijah speeds up his thrusts, grinding down hard the intense pleasure building up inside his body. "I'm going to come," screams Elijah as he gasps and collapses on Dom who moans deeply in his throat and comes to soon after him.

"Well mate that was fucking unexpected and messy," laughs Dom as he kisses Elijah softly and tenderly on his lips.

"Lets go take a shower together and get cleaned up," suggests Elijah with a huge grin on his face.

"Brilliant idea babe," smiles Dom as he gives him a huge hug.
Part Two

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